10 Freelance Platforms To Work For 2020 And Earn Via Payoneer

Knowing that we are in late 2019 and moving towards another new year, nothing better than knowing 10 freelance platforms where you can get jobs while at home and make a lot of money.

Below I detail for you the 10 platforms that can help you change your freelance life in 2020.

1st Upwork

Upwork is what is considered to be the largest Freelancer platform in the world by professionals from various fields, in this platform you can show your skills as a freelancer and make money as a self-employed worker.

If you are a business owner and want to hire competent and super professional Freelancers, Upwork is the ideal platform to find the best Freelancer.
With domain in the areas of IT, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, among others prepare for the demand for freelance services available, and receive all your payments via Payoneer.

2nd Fiverr

Fiverr with characteristics similar to Upwork, is a freelance platform that has grown a lot around the world.

If you are a recently entered Freelancer and want to find something to earn money as a logo maker, video maker, programmer, illustrator, web designer, or other skill you understand, this platform is for you.

Fiverr is built just for people who are just starting out in the freelance world and can work around the world and get paid with a global payment system like Payoneer that allows you to raise your funds at all ATMs around the world that accept them. the Mastercard service.

3rd Freelancer

Freelancer is an Australian freelance platform that is also the ideal platform for those just starting out in the Freelnacer world, for you who have budgeted services from $ 10 onwards, this platform is just for you.
The Freelancer platform is one of the best places on the web where you can find developers of apps, websites, systems, videos of all kinds and school assignments. If you have a vocation for these categories, then don’t forget to subscribe. If you are just a writer, on Freelancer.com you will be able to make an income, and you will be able to receive your payments through Payoneer.

4th PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a somewhat demanding platform like Upwork, in this platform it is common to find the most competent Freelancers on the planet, and jobs are on demand, and once approved for an account, you can be prepared to receive jobs all the time.
It is common for you to find the biggest publishers of TV commercials, business bank commercials and other professional publishers on this platform, so just like Upwork, if you plan to join this platform, you should be fully prepared for the demand.
As with the platforms mentioned above, this one also pays its freelancers through Payoneer.

5th Shutterstock

If you are a photography lover, love photography and have never imagined that you can make money from your photos with those beautiful landscapes taken in places at unprecedented times, know that there is Shatterstock.
Shutterstock is a platform where people can sell photos and videos where no brands or people appear. If you are one of those people who loves this world, then welcome and get started soon and earn for what you love to do and get your winnings right into your Payoneer account.

6th Adobe Stock

Adobe stock is similar to Shutterstock but even better, here you can sell your photos and videos of the unseen landscapes and places you have just photographed or recorded on your trip, or touristic places.
And who will buy these photos?
Are you watching the filmmakers who make movies? So there are scenes that they can’t record in one country, sometimes they buy videos recorded in countries that they couldn’t go to and record in their movie, have you ever wondered if it was your video or your photo playing in a movie scene or soap opera or Hollywood series?

And good yet, you don’t have to worry about how you will receive your payment, as Adobe pays its contributors directly from Payoneer.

7th Airbnb

This platform is exactly for that parent who says I’m too old to be a Freelancer.
If you are someone who has a relative or your parents have some unoccupied properties, it is time to make them places for tourists to come for a walk in your city. Imagine your city has some hotels, and when tourists arrive in your city, hotels charge a fortune per night, so Airbnb has come to help tourists around the world.
How do I do that?
Create an Airbnb account, prepare your home by tidying up the rooms where no one sleeps and being a receptionist at your home, receive tourists from all over the world for a price that hotels charge four times and earn money without leaving home.
Airbnb also pays via Payoneer.

8th Commission Factory

We return to Australia again, as the Commission Factory is Australia’s largest affiliate platform, whether you are traveling to Australia or want to live there, or even dreamed of working there while in your country, this is the right platform for you. you earn a few australian dollars.
I can say that among all platforms, the Commission Factory is the easiest platform to make money because it works as follows.

First is that for you to have a platform account, you must have at least one page on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or a website to prove that you have a traffic source to promote affiliate products if you don’t have one. Of these qualities, there is no point in signing up for an account, as you will be disapproved without even having access to Backoffice.
The good part after you are approved as a freelancer is that you can apply for promotion products, if you are approved for a product, by promoting the product, there are producers who pay even without you selling the product, even just getting 500 clicks on the product. product earns you $ 10, if 1000 product clicks earns you $ 20, then it is an easy-to-earn but difficult to get approved platform.

The minimum withdrawal on the platform is $ 50 Australian, and the payment is paid right into your Payoneer account.

9th Hotmart

In eighth place comes a Brazilian platform, it is Hotmart, although it is in an official Portuguese language country, this is one of the largest product and affiliate sales platforms in the world where you can sign up for an affiliate account and at the same time as a producer.

The platform has a lot of work for you to apply for and promote to sell worldwide, but just like Clicbank, JvZoo and WarriorPlus your link is also blocked by digital platforms like Facebook. But you can defuse the link on Bit.ly and promote normally and good luck later.
If you sell and receive your commissions, your payment is paid directly to your Payoneer account.

10th Teespring

In tenth place is a box of surprises, why do I say that? Teespring, despite being a platform not well known around the world, is a big surprise for those who understand designer and make great creations.
Are you seeing those smart phone cases, computers, gorgeous shirts, those fucking hats designres around the expensive stores you’ve been seeing? Many of them are made in this palatform.

Really? How it works?

Teespring is an American company, where freelancers around the world can design tones on clothing and electronics and sell them from $ 12 to $ 45 if a company is interested in buying your product, and you know that companies usually buy tons, this amount will be split between you and the company, you get 60% and 40% stay with Teespring, because you design and sell the rest is up to Teespring, they produce in factories sell in companies and you get the gains .

Payment is paid right to your Payoneer account.
Now that you’ve met 10 platforms you can work on by 2020, it’s time to start your online business.

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