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Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster. Let’s Go

My name is Casimiro Filipe, better known as Casimiro Designer, the most known brand about me. I am 28 years now, i was born, grew up, and live in Angola. Angola is a country in central South Africa, which is home to the largest entrepreneurial market in central South Africa.

In the last three years, I decided to start working to make money through the internet and I have been successful. Because of this, I started to create some ways to give formations of everything I have been learning from digital services. Now my focus is to help the Angolan…

Making Money With Copywriting Still a Hidden Treasure

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

Although the writing community is growing across the Web, being a creator of written content and making money has still been like a hidden treasure among the thousands of creators who are still looking for a space to share their knowledge through writing.

For a long time writing was seen in a bureaucratic way among professionals in large editorial offices of literary, newspaper, and magazine publishing houses. …

You know what, writing is hard, being a creator is hard, but making money as a creator on Vocal, is twice as hard between being a creator and writing constantly.

If Making Money on Vocals is hard, why do I still write on vocals?

I believe in the phrase “Time is money and money is time. In other words, time makes money and money comes with time. I know that many creators left Vocal disappointed because they had heard one thing and when they got there the reality was different. Perhaps the time has come when I should write about…

Starting the Journey as a Content Creator

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Being a content creator is a privilege for a generation full of freelance professionals. But making the first $ comes to be one of the greatest goals ever achieved as a creator. And the time for that is totally undefined.

Making your first $ can be faster than many creators can imagine. It all just depends on where you are creating content for and how you are creating the content.

As I said above, being a creator is a privilege, not only because now anyone who wants to talk about their professional life experience, travel, relationship, health, or academic life…

What I’m Learning From Reading Other Creators’ Stories

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

It’s been a month now that I’ve been uninterruptedly reading all the stories that stop by in my recommendation feed and from all the creators I follow. During that time I am learning a lot about how a creator can grow in a relational community that keeps growing every day.

For the last three weeks, I am not letting a single-story go by without reading it, I need to know what other creators are thinking, aspiring, what they are doing, what makes them grow day by day, what they love to write the most, what they love to read, what…

Unsupported Country or Region

Photo by Johanna Buguet on Unsplash

It is customary that first-world countries have a haven for those who wish to grow their career economically, so many struggles to emigrate to these countries. But Russia is one of the countries that are not on that list; and if you want to travel to Russia to experience a time, you better not have an investment portfolio or a social media blog account, because in Russia almost everything that is used in the West, is blocked there.

I have a cousin studying there, and I was disappointed to see her distressed because she couldn’t blog on Medium, couldn’t open…

The difficulty of being a Successful Creator as a native Portuguese speaker

I have a degree in systems analysis and development, which means that programming is like one of the members of my body, it has been part of my life from high school to college. But why don’t I write about programming? It is all the fault of my first job.

The way I was hooked on programming in the years from 2012 to 2014, it was very likely that I would be a creator with the programming niche. So in 2011 when I created the YouTube channel codenamed Casimiro Designer, I would do some tutorials teaching how to get started…

What is Side Hustle?

The word Side Hustle has been mentioned in over 5,900 Medium stories and written about by over 3,700 Medium writers. Making the word Side Hustle, one of the most popular Tags within Medium.

Why is this word so persecuted among Creators?

Side Hustle is a personal project that is not related to formal work, it provides a series of opportunities where self-employed people can delve into other areas, putting their creativity to work and earning extra income.

Having a Side Hustle has become a trend among autonomous professionals looking to explore new areas, and exercise creativity.

“The simplest definition of Side Hustle is a personal project that goes…

Which will make you lose more Money?

Image by the author

Note: this story is not a play to make one thing more valuable than the other, it is just a comparative review guide between the pros and cons of starting a personal blog or an investment portfolio.

“You will lose more money creating and maintaining a personal blog than you will be creating an investment portfolio.”

Creating a blog is work. Do you know why it works? Because to start making your first digits, you will have to spend a lot of time, a lot of years, and a lot of money to build an audience. And therein lies the…

Medium loves Quality

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Most beginners on Medium are struggling to get their first 100 followers, qualify for the partner program, and finally, start earning their first digits. Except there’s a catch; followers shouldn’t be your key point, when you’re on a platform like Medium.

Followers are not the Key Point for your Career on Medium

I know it’s important to have followers because they pretty much define two things: first, your audience, second your qualification for the partner program that will allow your content to be monetized on the platform. But Medium is not a personal blog, it is a blogging platform with…

Casimiro Designer

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