To maintain a YouTube Channel you need more than just willpower

After 10 as a content creator for YouTube and 7 years actively, I feel able to give some advice to new content creators who intend to start a YouTube channel and to those who have already started on a simple impulse.

“There is a not very famous phrase that says the following: it is not enough to go but to know how to go. I say today: it’s not enough to start, but to know how to start.”

To maintain a YouTube channel, you need much more than just willpower.

Understand why

In recent months a Youtuber started writing on Medium, listed…

Medium views are back

Updates on the Medium algorithm’s reaction to the new editorial changes and metrics performance.

Finally, our lovely Medium is back. Yes, that’s right what you just read, your lenses are not grounded. If you were already giving up on Medium and becoming just a reader, or know someone who has stopped writing on it, you can call them back that Medium is getting its metrics back. View drops are increasing again, publications that were disappearing are manifesting, some changes that were required on some giant publications are being readjusted. We are now in a new Medium era.

A medium is…

If you want to build a business empire, don’t limit your efforts on expansion issues. That’s what Clubhouse has done and that’s why it is dominating its field in just under a year on the market.

“How does a social app that was launched in just one year, in its first few days of launch, in just 8 months the app was already valued at $100 million and three months later $1 billion?”

In the entrepreneurship market, there are the visionaries, the strategists, the idea creators, the idea practitioners, the collectors of strategies, ideas, and everything the market offers to…

It’s not bad to talk about money, but don’t recommend financial services that are not easy to attain if you haven’t attained them.

Dude, seriously. Don’t talk about millions if you are not a millionaire.

Some people want to talk about how to be a millionaire without even them having been one.

I keep seeing people coming in to invest in the stock market, people who have just finished a course and even people who have never taken a course and have no grasp on the subject, just because they watched a motivational video about investments on Youtube, are going…

A New Generation of Local News

It looks like News Break will no longer be alone in leading the way in local news because Substack has finally launched its local news program valued at one million dollars called “Substack Local.”

The announcement was made yesterday April 15 and applications go until April 29. If you are interested, the time to submit your application is now.

What will this Substack local news program look like?

According to the press release, you can read it here. Primarily the intention is to promote and develop the local news ecosystem by helping independent writers build local news publications based on the subscription model. In other words, the program will…

What if the subscription monetization model is not working out after 4 years of trends?

I’m used to Medium’s money every month, but it seems like there is an end approaching.

I’m seeing quite a few writers writing disappointing stories. Stories with wearisome content. Stories revealing weariness and fatigue by Medium. They are showing themselves to be tired of still writing on Medium.

We’re looking in the wrong direction

For some writers, Medium is no longer making sense or being attractive or advantageous for their work. …

“I confess that I am amazed by the Clubhouse team.”

The clubhouse is an invite-only audio chat social networking app, launched in April 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. By December 2020, the app was already being valued at nearly $100 million. On January 21, 2021, the valuation reached $1 billion.

On March 14, the company announced its partner program called, “Creator First.” An option that allows content creators, Clubhouse users, to earn money. Clubhouse Creator First is considered to be an accelerator program for creators. …

It is no longer news to anyone about Ev’s bombshell news about the editorial team, most of the creators have given their opinions and views. But what about the media, what was their reaction?

The medium may seem to go unnoticed in the eyes of the press, however, this is not so. Everything that we have done here on Medium, from time to time is highlighted in newspapers and high-quality blogs. …

The Reason why Medium-owned publications haven’t Impacted Audiences as Desired

We are likely seeing the first steps of Medium’s purchase. Calm down! Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a lofty thought, I don’t even expect to see it happen one day. But the news about Facebook creating a competitor to Medium is increasingly being announced.

Two weeks in a row without writing a single story on Medium because of busyness, was enough to be impacted by the news Ev William just announced about the now famous editorial team update whose stirred most writers.

“There will be changes at Medium over the years, and that is inevitable.”

You may have already read…

I am switching from personal blogging to writing on Werdy and this is the main reason

Almost a year ago I shut down my blog because I wasn’t getting the successes I wanted. I allocated my blog to the area I was in but to an audience that is not used to reading and not interested in the things I was writing about. Monthly I earned only 22 to 50 views, AdSense monetization was not very successful. In one year of AdSense, I earned only $26.35 and thanks to the targeted traffic to promote the contents.

In the last months, I started to have ideas to create a new blog for a wider and more personal…

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