In recent years, the number of Freelancers in the world has increased dramatically, and being an affiliate has been the easiest among the newest freelancers; however for this to be possible, it is often necessary to have a website, and making a website has been a fun experience, and little complicated as before.

Today to have a website, you do not need terms and technical coding and encryption, such as HTML and FTP. Nowadays, the main challenge is to find the right site creator among the huge variety of the market.

And with that, many of these tools offer free plans to create your own website. All you need is a computer and a browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Sounds like a good deal, right? Today I decided to facilitate this task for you.

Below I’ll show you some details about the free plans of some of the best platforms to create a website.

Wix is ​​the largest of all these platforms. They have more users than any other site creator, and it’s easy to know why. The package comes with exclusive features and beautiful templates. A great option to create a paid website … but what about the free one? Are you up to it too?

Well … the answer is no. As for Weebly, the brand announcement is too visible. In fact, we should say ads in the plural, because in addition to appearing in the footer of your site, they also add a button on the top right.

The URL that you get for free, contains the brand of the site for example: the exceptional selection of themes and the flexibility of the publisher. They also offer a varied market app and 500 MB of free web space. Unlimited amount of pages and complete setup for SEO. the Wix ads are too visible. The free URL is also very long and hard to remember.

The Webnode site is quite intuitive and there is also the option to switch to a paid plan.

Webnode offers a low cost alternative for $ 3.95 per month with the appropriate name for example:, which allows you to transfer your domain name and contact premium support.

This $ 3.95 plan unfortunately comes with a small ad, and the blog is pretty basic.

In the free plan the number of pages is unlimited and the SEO settings can be changed on all pages.

You can add / enhance features, the storage is also not very generous, with only 100 MB in the free plan. SSL encryption needs to be added. does not offer a free plan like the others; it charges from the outset but the price is quite affordable.

Of course, your site will not contain any ads, and you can add a domain name of your own directly at the beginning of the site creation. an installation fee can also be applied; because the site does not contain any ads, the only drawback is the limit of 5 pages, if you want more pages, the price becomes more expensive.

If for you a small website, without advertisement and with own domain name is enough, is the best exit. Oh, and if you prefer to use WordPress instead of the creator of the platform, it is also possible. Best of all: the pages are limitless!

The URL you get: (, .pt, .net, .org, etc.) the flexibility to use’s own site creator or WordPress. This is an interesting option to start with professionalism at low prices. All templates are responsive and have a modern look. And the 5 page limit is not big things there. The site editor is certainly not the best on the market, but it does its job well done. And even after payment they give money back guarantee in the first 15 days

Mozello is one of the smallest drivers in the world; but what surprises us with Mozello is the ability to create a multilingual website for free.

That’s right you read, something you only find here. Mozello has features that comprise a blog, a virtual store and decent SEO options. Fortunately, the ad only appears in the form of a link in the footer, which most visitors do not even notice.

500 MB of free storage is included and should be sufficient for most users.

The disadvantage of this editor, though easy to use, is its limitations compared to competitors. Certain elements, such as photo gallery, can be added only on specific pages. For example, only “gallery” pages may contain photo galleries. That is, Mozello is not very flexible.

Weebly is one of the largest site builders on the market and reaches the 2nd position in the world ranking. But speaking of free plans, this platform is slightly slightly different. The free plan is Weebly’s weak spot, especially because of the intrusive ad in the footer of the site that lights up when hovering over.

However, in general, the product is quite satisfactory, with a high usability index; it even counts with an App Center that brings extra features; Plans paid from $ 8 per month.

The URL you get for free is for example responsive themes and the App Center with external add-ons are great; and there is also 500 MB of free web space. Already unlimited page quantities and SEO settings can be edited on all pages. And the only downside is the ad in the footer that is too visible.

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