Are you a fan of Star Wars? So you need to see this

Samsung says the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is for Star Wars fans only.

The phone will be sold in a collector’s box that also has a special cover, a metallic emblem and a pair of Galaxy Buds earphones, all decorated with precept.

If you’re a fan of Samsung and Star Wars smartphones, this new edition of the brand new Galaxy Note 10+ is certainly for you. Star Wars Special Edition marks the release of the new saga movie, Skywalker’s Rise, and while it doesn’t feature in the specs list, its appearance makes a difference.

The phone features a black and red color scheme, inspired by villain Kylo Ren, and invites you to embrace the dark side of the force. The device also has a list of sounds, wallpapers and themes created specifically for this edition.

The smartphone will be sold in a collector’s box, which will also feature a pair of Galaxy Buds Bluetooth headsets, a metal emblem and a cover decorated with the image of Kylo Ren.

The smartphone will be available from December 10th in 15 markets, but Portugal is not included in the lot — Spain will be the nearest market. $ 1,300 is the base price of this truly geek edition.

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