Capitol, Capitol, Capitol

Image by Euronews

Has America gone bankrupt?

The last time I saw an attack against the American Capitol, it was in the series” the designated survivor”.

What is happening with America?

Has America lost its shame?

“Now they’re like political amateurs, convincing political militants to attack their opponents?”

It was 9 o’clock at night in my country when I received the notification from Euronews saying: “Trump supporters invade the Capitol and the congress headquarters has been closed with the legislators inside.” News in development… I went to rest.

7 a.m. another Euronews notification saying: “Invasion of Capitol Hill has already killed four.” I stopped and thought, I’m 27 and I’ve never heard that before about the United States. Something is wrong.

That’s why the United States is losing credibility and many Americans no longer trust their country. In recent years they have made wrong choices and built wrong governments and what was sown is being harvested.

I hope that everything will be overcome as soon as possible because it would be a shame to see the United States plunged into a civil war between protesters and spoiled politicians who don’t know how to recognize the defeat encouraged by change.

The guys went inside and sat in their chairs and did a bizarre thing. This can only be a totally out of control America.

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