How did I receive my first payment on Medium without being a paid member?

I am a blogger in my country and have always looked for ways to make money from writing, and in September of this year I found a recommendation on Medium platform where people could write stories as writers and make money from their stories.

When I read about it, I went to the internet to find out what this platform was paying for and that if I could really subscribe, then I signed up and decided to start posting my blog posts, but I didn’t have any success After a month of having done everything, the previews of the publications came in only 3 views, 1 reading and no palm which is amazingly the most effective way to win in the Middle.

On November 8th I was totally distracted and unwilling to post to my counter Medium, I get the notification that I received a payment from the Medium Partner Program, so another Stripe Email announcing that I received a payment, I was motivated to enter in my account, I went to see and tam tam tam … I had won a few dollars, not much but it motivated my continuity, Medium had changed the payment parameters, now they would pay more for the time of reading the stories, from November 2019, it was then that through my most read story that had 8 vews and 7 readings, is that made me win for the first time even without being a paid member.

After the notifications I was so motivated that I paid to be a Medium member from November 13th, and I know some think that only paid Mediums members are the ones who earn the most, that’s a lie, I received my first payment even though it was not. a Medium member and when I was already trying to give up on the platform.

If you are a newcomer, I want to welcome you, maybe you spend the first two months without receiving because of being known and authenticating your work, but you will get there, for example today I only have 2 followers, but I share the my posts on my social networks and see how many vews I had from November 15th to November 22nd?

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