Is Bitcoin going up because of the Iran-US problem?

Bitcoin began closing 2019 with casualties, and the year was barely over as soon as the problems between Iran and the United States began, as soon as General Soleimani was killed, and given Iran’s declaration of revenge, the. Bitcoin has begun to explode again on the stock market, and speculators claim that this rise has to do with the problem between the United States and Iran.

But the unanswered question is: Is Bitcoin’s rise accused by the problem against Iran and the United States?

As we have seen, 2019 was one of the worst years for crypto currency investors because of the extremely high level of fraud that caused the loss of over $ 3 billion by companies that were promoted through YouTube, so much so that the platform had an exclusion session. videos that talked about crypto coins because they were considered to be videos that violated YouTube guidelines, all because most of the misleading websites were promoted by YouTube where the champion is Plus Token.

With this scandal about the pyramids that stole millions of dollars and also caused deaths in countries like Brazil where a gentleman eventually died after being misled by the company Unick Academy or Forex worth over $ 24,579.69.

As I write this story Bitcoin jumped from $ 7,300 to $ 8,181.69 after General Soleimani’s funeral and the full statements of hatred and promises about the bloody revenge coming from Iran.

In this case we can say that Bitcoin is on the rise not quite because of the death of General Soleimani, but we can say that the declaration about the exit of the nuclear agreements this may be the cause of the rise of Bitcoin. But how is this possible? This is possible is very simple, understand why.

When North Korea began manufacturing state-of-the-art ballistic missiles and the Islamic State practiced all these attacks, the world wondered where they got so much money for sponsorship? When it was later discovered that they used crypto coins so Bitcoin kept going up, so we can say that Bitcoin is rising because of the new media news, as recently North Korea started over with its ballistic work again. and Iran came out of the nuclear deal, and nothing better than suppliers of raw materials selling in tax havens and nothing better in the world of crypto currencies.

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