Is it possible to start a business in a failed country?

A country plunged into a deep crisis, the people on red alert for the high price of the food basket, companies in the process of demobilization of employees, the fight against corruption chained by government justice to all the business owners of most companies in the country, every day. As young people pass college, they sit at home because there is nowhere to ask for even a professional internship to train the new graduate for the job market; We can say that the country is bankrupt.

Is it possible to start a business in a failed country? Where to start? How to begin? How will I get the products? Where will customers come from? How will I attract buyers?

It is a fait accompli that the situation is on a red alert if we compare the present day with the days gone by. Our country has never had as many people flowing into the labor market as we have today, and the trend is worsening according to the flow of Angolans who are still in the process of being educated.

Far from remaining unemployed because of the many responsibilities we carry, it is frustrating to put up with the current situation in our nation; And with that, let’s look at some ways to start a business in a failed country.

How should I start a business in a bankrupt country like this?

Well, looking at the situation we are in, there is no other solution than to start your own business to avoid virtually perpetual unemployment; And where to start this should be your second question that will be asked after you know you can make a deal.

It is possible to start a business in a failed country. But how do you start? First you need to assess your living conditions, because even if the country is bankrupt, after all you are still alive, and people still have to survive, and to survive you have to buy, sell and work, this is exactly where you start your business.

After assessing your living conditions, from how much you spend on eating, how you eat, try balancing to set aside a monetary amount to invest in any project whatsoever. After you reserve this amount, comes the question, how will I get the products? The products depend on what you intend to do to create a business in full bankrupt country. That’s where the most important question comes from: Where will customers come from?

A customer is anyone who buys or provides services, but here we are looking for buyers who will be able to purchase our products, and the right customer satisfaction product that will make your business successful in the marketplace.

Steps to take at this important moment: You need to create a business that is unique but attracts a multitude of customers; research your area of ​​residence if you can do the business you want to do; Also research if this business is profitable, keep in mind that every business when it is starting does not reach overnight success, or change from water to wine, success requires work, only after work comes the result.

You need to be an innovative minded person in an innovative world, you need to be a creator of ideas that come true; it can be cupcakes, cakes, clothes, cafeteria, restaurant, beans, fruits, jewelry, party room, a hamburger, a cyber cafe, a conic, water sale, ice sale etc. Attract shoppers through social media marketing, be an innovative entrepreneur, while some struggle to reach customers, innovate with the help of technology, create your business page on the world’s most popular social media networks, and expand your business to places where it was never imagined, and you will be amazed.

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