Know the Difference Between Baby Boomers and Millennials

The words Baby Boomers and Millennials may be something very strange to you who are just starting out in the digital entrepreneurship business, or maybe to you who don’t know anything about digital entrepreneurship, or maybe you who have been in the business for a long time but have never decided to know more about the area you act in.

Baby Boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964 in Europe, the United States, Canada or Australia. After World War II these countries experienced a sudden rise in birth, which became known as a baby boom. But the best thing doesn’t stop there, because even though these people were born in those times, they are still looking for a job for financial freedom, and believe it or not, the Baby Booms or just these seniors have become so modern that for lack Of opportunity in companies because of their age, they decided to bet in the Freelancing business, and there are entrepreneurs in the business who say baby boomers are the perfect Freelancers.

According to experts and entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship, seniors aged 60 to 70 make up 48% of Freelancesrs services around the world, and look that they are professionally well done jobs.

Millennials or generation Y, the so-called millennium generation, internet generation, or millennials, is a concept in sociology that refers to the cutting of babies born after the early 1980s and up to 2003, according to some authors it may extend to the early years of the 2000s, being succeeded by generation Z.

We can say that the Millennials are you and I who were born from 1980 until 2003 and we seek our greatest sustainable pleasure from the internet by diversifying on-demand jobs between Freelancers around the world and contracting companies.

Studies show that by 2030 70% of the world’s population will work as a self-employed professional, because if baby boomers by 2017 64% were after successful online services, let alone the Millennials with this revolution about cryptocurrency booming, the digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, e-seller and more will make the future generation an all-digital generation.

Now that you know the difference, maybe it’s time for you to get your place in this business, because the competition is on parallel lines.

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