The technology that lets you charge your phone in 5 minutes

An Israeli Startup StoreDot promises to bring news to the market in the second half of 2020; In addition, technology can benefit motorcycle and electric car industry.

The year 2020 already promises to bring news that can facilitate — and much — the use of mobile technology such as mobile phones.

An Israeli startup, Doron Myersdorf’s StoreDot, plans to develop batteries that can recharge a smartphone in 60 seconds or an electric vehicle in 5 minutes. In the case of the car, the load would be sufficient for a trip of approximately 500 km.

To do so, the company has obtained $ 130 million in financing and the support of one of the world’s largest oil companies, BP. No wonder Bloomberg has put StoreDot on a list of startups to pay attention to next year.

Chargers capable of fully charging a cell phone’s battery in five minutes are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2020.

Its technology is based on a combination of nanotechnologies and a new generation of organic compounds that store energy more efficiently and safely than current systems.

StoreDot batteries use lithium but replace the graphite used by battery manufacturers with a mixture of metalloids, ie substances with intermediate properties between metals and nonmetals.

These metalloids include silicon and organic compounds synthesized in their laboratories.

Barriers for electric cars

In recent years, the company has registered 31 patents.

But not only smartphones will benefit from this innovation. Also the electric vehicle industry.

The main barriers to buying a car with electric batteries are that its range in kilometers is still limited and, depending on the model, refueling can take between 45 minutes and 4 hours.

According to Bloomberg, electric vehicles will account for more than half of all new car sales by 2040, as prices start to fall and battery life is extended.

Manufacturers have been trying to increase the chemical “density” of the battery so that an electric car can travel even further on a single charge.

The latest state-of-the-art electric vehicles from Tesla, Chevrolet and other manufacturers, for example, allow travel of nearly 500 kilometers in great condition. But reloading is still a slow process.

This is where StoreDot is focusing its efforts.

A reality

Before launching into the complex world of electric vehicles, however, StoreDot will begin selling motorcycle batteries. The company has done numerous tests: the new equipment offers a range of 70 kilometers.

The reason for the initial focus on motorcycles was because the car battery will need 10 times more power cells than a scooter motorcycle battery. In addition, StoreDot has yet to find an even more efficient way to cool the equipment while it is in use, Myersdorf said.

Warming up electric batteries, which led to the explosion of Samsung Galaxy devices or Tesla engines, is another problem the industry must address.

For now, Meyersdorf has also assured the ISRAEL21c website that its batteries “use half the cobalt” compared to other tools currently available.

This is important, the CEO said, because 60 percent of the cobalt comes from mines located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These places are targeted by international organizations that fight against the exploitation of child labor.

“This unique technology has the potential to become the latest fast charging standard in industries such as mobile devices or electric vehicles, but also power tools, electric toys, appliances and more,” says the company on its website.

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