Wix or WordPress? What is the best platform for your site?

For those who do not want to develop a website using offline files on their own computer, they are in doubt between Wix or WordPress in the website and content development application on the internet.

Wix is a hallmark of an online platform that designs websites through hands-on action that enables “dragging” and redefining appearances and layouts.

Wordpress is software that can be installed at the root of the site server, but requires more PHP knowledge if the user needs to customize the site design; Wordpress can be used in its free version without using its own server or custom domain.

Wix or WordPress?

Wix always runs massive online advertising campaigns to attract the attention of potential consumers of its free and paid tools. WordPress is similar to a program that can receive programming codes for customizing post systems, designing and including plugins that automatically optimize actions for posts, audience and optimization. While Wix plays heavy on publicity, WordPress is popular with geeky programmers and users.

Which platform use Wix or WordPress?

For the lay public, Wix features a control panel and simplified accessibility. The entire site building environment is based on intuitive drag-and-drop functions, which makes life easier for beginners and laymen to build sites.
However, if you want to use Wix to run your own domain and use more custom built-in features then you need to pay for one of the plans sold by Wix.

Wix has App Market that offer solutions for every type of customer need, and each solution can be installed with a simple click. WordPress, especially in recent times, also has a simplified dashboard (posting and tracking environment), but is a bit more difficult to install and integrate.

The free version of WordPress that does not initially require the use of its own domain is similar to Google Blogger, allowing you to post texts and choose ready-made layouts without the installation of plugins and languages ​​in PHP. However, when you install full WordPress on the server root, you often have to have minimal knowledge of setup techniques, leading to the need to watch tutorials to learn how to install WordPress and customize it. In cases of errors that may occur in WordPress, the site can become a headache. Therefore, between Wix or WordPress, it is necessary to verify the level of technical knowledge that the user has and which website profile and content the user intends to use.

Website Design

On average, the Wix platform features 300 elegantly free templates across categories such as food, restaurant, communication, technology, mobile, music, arts, business, and more. Wix still lacks responsive layout design, meaning the site does not easily adapt to viewing on different screens.
But recently, Wix has started offering some responsive layouts and the Wix Code tool that allows the inclusion of JavaScript and APIs on the site.
WordPress offers templates, practically ready and responsive that can also be customized visually or through CSS and HTML.
For those who install WordPress on the root of the server can install layouts and plugins seamlessly without paying for most layouts, but those who use free WordPress platform and decide to have their own domain and access to professional tools without using their own hosting server can Choose from the different plans and products offered by WordPress.
The features of each platform can help you choose Wix or WordPress. Generally, Wix is ​​suitable for unsupported beginners with little knowledge of site setup codes.

Virtual store

When it comes time to launch an e-commerce on the internet, between Wix or WordPress, the Wix platform, for example, offers visually pre-programmed webshop service.
But even though it is a beautiful online store, Wix has drawbacks like shipping options and product taxes, even though you have access to payment options to offer customers. On the other hand, by using WordPress, the user can avoid certain obstacles by using plugins that can be downloaded and installed within WordPress itself.

WordPress offers, for example, the WooCommerce plugin that allows you to customize a store using a few codes. The plugin is free for anyone using WP (WordPress) on their own private domain server. If you need extra features you can pay for more features.

Content Optimization

For content optimization through SEO strategies, the user may be in doubt between Wix or WordPress. The Wix platform allows you to change the page title and attributes, various header styles, and more. On the other hand, the Wix platform automatically names images after upload, which hurts SEO for images on sites that search for better positions on Google.

The WordPress platform offers more options on your original system, but it is recommended to add a plugin to use full SEO capabilities. For example, Yoast SEO to highlight keywords, plus Google Analyticator to integrate the site with Google Analytics.

Create a blog with Wix or WordPress?

It is possible to create blogs with both platforms, but WordPress is better known and used in this segment. Wix presents effective options for organizing and publishing a professional blog. Wix allows you to create categories, tags, post schedules and display related posts. Within Wix the user can choose an alternative title for mobile users, but its editor is very simplified and with limited tools.

Wix allows you to add images, galleries, GIFs, videos. However, as stated above, Wix is ​​not suitable for more experienced and professional bloggers, but is suitable for novice and medium users in digital publishing.
For blogging, editing and publishing WordPress has been recommended since the beginning of its existence for blogs because it has blogger specific functions like tags, categories, RSS feeds, etc.

In WordPress the look of the layout will be intertwined with the theme, ie certain categories may not work if they are not manually changed in the dashboard. If you have questions about Wix or WordPress for blogging, WordPress is best for professional bloggers looking for relevance to their content on Google.

Online support

At the service level, the Wix platform provides the user with phone support and quality forums. Wix also offers articles and tutorials for beginners.
WordPress has no call center and no official support. Doubts are raised through public forums (one user helps the other through messages).
WordPress has a sense of community, the risk is based on wrong or misinterpreted answers.

Plugins and Apps

When in doubt between Wix or WordPress, Wix at the app and plug-in level introduces App Market, where the platform offers about 250 free or paid apps to enhance the published site using the platform.
Wix applications are of good quality, for example they can be used for hotel reservation systems, photographer image gallery and even for business invoicing. Most of the apps were created by Wix itself and other official developers.

Knowledge level

For more experienced bloggers, WordPress has traditionally been known for its plugins.

There are thousands of plugins that can adapt and correct specific situations for the use and presentation of posts on the internet.
On average, in WordPress system internal search, some plugins are free and others may cost some money for activation and installation.

Some plugins are installed and automated automatically, others may need internal configuration.

Is WordPress free?

Like Wix, WordPress has a free version for simplified publishing, a private-server hosting version, and in its free version it offers custom domain purchase plans and access to built-in tools.
Therefore, depending on customer needs, WordPress can generate costs.

Using Wix or WordPress

WordPress offers an evolving effective solution over time, but it requires some level of technical knowledge to fully customize your layouts and functionality.
If your project needs complex resources directly, WordPress is the only solution for creating a powerful, responsive and optimized website or blog. On the other hand, Wix has an intelligible environment and is more adaptable for users with lower level of technical knowledge.
Dedicated applications for professionals also make Wix a useful platform with good business and project output. For starters, Wix is very easy, has drag-and-drop functionality and efficient technical support.
Between Wix or WordPress, it is important to keep in mind that Wix is a good website builder while WordPress is one of the leading CMS’s in the digital market.

What to choose?

Between Wix or WordPress, the user should choose considering ease of use, site management, performance, security and customization.
It’s important to see the differences between the two platforms, as presented in this article, and also to know the goals of your site and blog, what content to serve, and which audience you want to reach.
Remembering that the demand for these platforms has grown a lot, because they allow you to create websites without knowing much programming. But the user will have some limitations when using a website builder like Wix.
Even requiring more experience and technical knowledge, WordPress has more tools and a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS).
WordPress provides the management and creation of a long catalog of content and layout, with the tools to create a website and blog. Wix makes it possible to design websites and blogs without adding coding.

Own domain usage

With Wix or WordPress the user can leave the free platform and use the full paid version.
In the case of WordPress, for example, to use it to its full capacity, the user will need to hire a private server to install WordPress, that is, it will be necessary to buy a hosting plan to host the site using WordPress.
Wix, as a site builder is a hosted platform, even in the paid version, the site will be stored on Wix internal servers.

WordPress Benefits

WordPress as a content manager is widely used by professionals and non-professionals alike, WordPress is used by over 60% of the CMS software market and around 30% of all the internet in the world.
WordPress ease of installation, use and management. Allows numerous possibilities of customization of layouts with installation of plugins. In the CMS segment WordPress competes with others like Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
WordPress also adds benefits to the company’s digital sales and marketing strategy by allowing it to create a professional website, blog and e-commerce. In times of digital transformation, companies need to conquer their space in the digital universe. Currently, technology influences digital marketing actions. The existing WordPress system helps a lot in the processes of a digital strategy.

Wix Benefits

Wix provides great design quality and content formatting for users of different levels of knowledge.
It has good services and allows you to build good websites even using free templates.
Wix features many online services, the need to hire a hosting plan is waived. This can be a solution for those with little money to invest.

Responsive site

The responsive website is one that adapts to different types of screen formats. WordPress features more responsive layouts that adapt more easily to different devices.
WordPress also allows more advanced users to include coding language to enhance their customization for different screen sizes.
In recent times, WordPress in its free and paid version has become easier for users with varying levels of knowledge to use.
Recently, Wix has started to offer some responsive layouts, mainly for e-commerce, but it does not allow changing the coding of layouts.

Importance of Responsive Website on Wix or WordPress

We know that a responsive version is essential, remembering that the number of web access via mobile devices has already surpassed the desktop. If a particular site is not optimized for smartphones and tablets, it is certainly losing a significant percentage of traffic.
The responsiveness of the site is an important factor in positioning the site in Google searches. This enhances the user experience.

Utility for projects and business

Depending on the brand and customer experience, choosing Wix or WordPress will help attract more visitors to the site and better position products. For a professional blogger, for example, it is more appropriate to use WordPress with plugins than content and text post optimization. WordPress allows you to quickly choose and customize layout and design, change background color, link locations, and various types of widgets.
For a new or small business, the best tip is to use the Wix platform to create and maintain a demo site, a site that summarizes all the company’s activities and products.
For a company that does not have the technical expertise to hire a server hosting and take care of internal installations, Wix may mean the first and second step in creating the site, but Wix does not allow the full download of the site structure as the server. allows.
Every detail and need of the project and company needs to be thought of when deciding between Wix or WordPress.

To conclude — Wix or WordPress?

If you intend to make a website professional and are in doubt between Wix or WordPress.
To open a web store in WordPress, for example, the user may need the help of a more experienced person to install plugins and adjust the store setup details.
On the other hand, Wix facilitates the construction of the virtual store visually without knowledge of technical language.
Analyze project, content, and company expectation. But keep in mind, your site should never stop at the first version of publishing and serving content and products.
Every kind of website must evolve keeping web users informed and always attracted by the content.

No matter which platform you choose, make the best of your site, seek help, consult with more experienced people, and review existing Internet experiences.
Knowledge sharing is something that will always be present on the internet and will help in designing your site.
If you want help with your content, you can call me on Twitter or my website.

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